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Korean nom nom



Nom nom


Elementary School Tebowing



Tebowing while teaching middle school girls


Tebowing in Rural Korea


Would someone please buy this for me? Clearly this is the greatest ice cube tray of all time.



Kwestions for KooLaid

So yea, as we all know, I am the obnoxious funny one on the show, and Handzonn is the “rapper”.  Don’t forget the air quotes, they are very important there.  I know Handzonn won’t get mad at me taking potshots at him, because we all know, insults only hurt if there is a grain of truth in them, haha.  That being said, I thought it would be fun for our listeners to send me questions, and I will answer them.  I will answer any question you ask of me, as long as it doesn’t suck.

So get on it you lazy fucks.  What do you wanna know?